iPhone SE Case Appears In A New Video Along With A 3D Printed Phone

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is just a day away from us. Still, we are bombarded with all the news, reports, leaks, speculations and from views around the world. From iPhone 5S like appearance to iPhone 6 like software, the device has been a part of web news for so long now. Until now, we were confirming that the device will have the attributes similar to the Apple’s predecessors mentioned above. However, we do have a slight agreement from another source now.

Most of us were happy with the idea that in the growing trend of bigger, slimmer devices, iPhone SE is going to be a breath of fresh air for all small screen lovers. However, a new video displaying a 3D printed model and alleged case of the very same device many confuse you a lot. Sonny Dickson is a big name who has previously leaked relevant news regarding some very popular devices. Notably, he is friends with some very effective people on the Apple’s supply chain. He has leaked some cases over to his YouTube channel. The leaked cases have been 3D printed to get the basic dimensions and the shape of the device.

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What’s interesting about the cases and the 3D print is that all our assumptions of the iPhone SE being similar to the iPhone 5S are disappearing into oblivion after this case leak. As you can already observe in the video attached, the cases do not fit the popular iPhone 5S. The device in the renders and the images sleek and the iPhone 5S is a bit too bulky for the cover.

As for the 3D printed model, it is slimmer, sleeker and attractive than the iPhone 5S. However, there are signs that the iPhone 6 like protruding camera is present. Let’s wait until the event to know about it. Check the video and drop your expected design aspirations in the comments.

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