iPhone SMS bug moves to Apple Watch, iPad and Mac

The recently reported iPhone SMS bug on the iPhone, causing crash after receiving a text message, is now being witnessed on other key Apple devices as well. The boobytrapped SMS also crashed the Apple Watch followed by Appleā€™s iPad and Mac in recent tests.

The iPhone SMS bug is located in the core system of all Apple devices supporting text messaging services. The bug surfaces as the system receives a text message with non Latin characters having a particular sequencing. As the text is received, the text system of the devices stops working followed by halt to the operating system.

iPhone SMS bug

The iPhone SMS bug has also been noticed by the company as Apple confirmed to issue the solution via software update very soon. Apart from this promise Apple has not given any particular time for the updates.

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The bug was initially reported in iPhone as some of the iPhone users observed their iOS in halt while replying to a boobytrapped SMS. Following the iPhone SMS bug, reports began emerging from the Apple Watch users with similar details. Later the same bug was reported by the iPad and Mac users.

Apart from many unfortunate Apple users, for many others who are informed regarding the issue, it became a fun. Many used it as prank to amuse and crash their friends’ phone. But the experts suggested that as the issue can get access to the core system it may spread unusually. In any such case this iPhone SMS bug can create a panicking situation for the Apple users. According to experts, the bug if not fixed soon, may expend the damages into Apple devices and also may trigger other malicious attacks.

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There are some precautions which can save your iPhone and other Apple device from a potential crash. You can prevent yourself from the iPhone SMS bug by turning off the notifications on your Apple device and also turning off the delivery of text messages to the Apple watch as it may trigger a crash in your Apple Watch.

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