Is Your Boss monitoring your iPhone? Here is how to find it

Apple has lately been very interested in the activities of the law enforcing and security agencies. The company, no matter what, does not want to compromise safety and privacy of its individuals. But in spite of the efforts, it seems that the universe is conspiring against the efforts of the Cupertino giant. Few days ago, European court passed the order that the Employers can monitor and look into the private information of their employees.


All the messages sent through Facebook Messanger, Gmail, Yahoo or WhatsApp, etc. can be easily read during the work hours. So, if you were doubting that someone is leaking on your privacy than it is certainly your annoying, superstitious, BOSS! But for those who are the privileged owners or the so-called Bosses, they have the right to track their employees to see if they are risking the company’s reputation or not.

It is not uncommon when the employees ditch the benefits of their business upon their benefits. Due to this, the owners and the concerned authorities always have the threat of cheating on them. Viometric conducted a threat report recently and found out that about 40% of organizations experienced a data breach last year. About 89% of the breached companies already felt that their employees were attacking them from the “inside.” It is “Insider Threat” is and is affecting the reputation of businesses on a global scale.

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Is Monitoring Employees’ iPhone possible?


Keeping an eye on the activities of the workers and staff during the office shifts would be helpful for the companies’ reputation. It is not unknown that the famed names like IBM and Symantec have always held a threat report of their workers.

The device (BYOD) was used by the companies to update the Employee’s Professional Network usage, such as downloads or other social networking sessions, in a statistical method. Coming to the point, Apple also has a similar tech which helps the companies to track the activities of the employees. To complete this, you will have assistance from work-issued iPhones that are set up with an organization’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) server.

The software in question allows the authorities to update, track, control and look over the activities of the employees’ iPhone software from time to time.

How iOS 9.3 Is Making It Possible To Monitor And Track Employees?

iOS 9.3 is underway. The launch of the new iOS update will help Apple to monitor employees like never before. With the new development, the company will allow the owners to keep an eye on the Smartphone usage of its workers in a better way. This OS will allow the IT professionals of the company to use certain home screen layouts on work-issued iPhones. This layout will also lock apps to the home screen so it would be known whenever they are moved to someplace else.

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What’s more is that the new iOS 9.3 will also help the companies to hide or block certain apps that are harmful, and the employers’ do not want the mobile owners to download. This is not it! The company will even be able to enforce notification settings so that you will not be able to ignore your employers’ warnings. WHAT A HEADACHE!

With the help of the new iOS, your heads’ will know when you are using the phone and what app you are working. Moreover, they will also find out if you have read the emergency meeting alert or not. So, there is no running out! While, the new update is amazing for the employers’ it is a same pain in the head for the employees. However, we are not done yet! Let’s see how employees will benefit with the new update.

What’s In Store For the iOS 9.3 Using Employees?


Apple is playing the dual policy here. Not only will it allow the employers to track the employees but it will also provide employees with the privilege to see if their bosses are following them or not. Cool? The warning issued by the iPhone will be issued in two different places;

  • The lock screen of the iPhone will show this message near the bottom of your screen; “This iPhone is managed by your organization”. This message will block any other personal usage of the device; you will only be able to use iPhone for the professional purposes.
  • Moreover, you can go to  “About” option in the Setting. It will unveil all the data that has been monitored by the Employer
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Apple, for the first time, is allowing the breach in security from both sides. Surely, all will love this new feature because the users will be able to know when the company is keeping tabs on them. However, this is certainly annoying that the employers will never track the workers in silence. What Apple wants is only known to them.

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