Apple iPhone is loosing the market share as compared to Android

A research firm, Kantar recently released a smartphone market share report. According to the report, the Apple iOS running devices are losing market share to Android in some areas of the global smartphone market. This includes US, Europe, and China mainly. The share loss percentage is not significant, but it is noteworthy.

This indicates that Apple is having trouble maintaining its expansion rate. iPhone 6S had significantly expanded Apple iOS’s shares and is the fist smartphone to adopt a larger form factor. Kantar based its report on data gathered during a time period of three months, ending February 2016.


The most significant market share loss of Apple iOS occurred in China. Apple is estimated to have lost 3.2 market share points in the region. On the other hand, Android shares have gone up a total of 3.4 points to 76.4% in China. Kantar has estimated that since August 2014 this is the first time that Apple has lost market share in China’s smartphone market.

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The latest iPhone SE could help the company win the shares back in China. iPhone SE is a more affordable, smaller version of the iPhone and affordable smartphones are more popular than premium devices in China. In the region  premium devices only account for a small segment of the smartphone market. It is estimated that more than 3.4 million people have pre-ordered the iPhone SE in China.

iPhone has lost a total of 0.5 points year over year on its home turf.  It is also estimated to have accounted for 38.3 of all smartphone sales in the United States during that time period. Furthermore, Windows lost 4.2 points in the smartphone market also. While Android gained an impressive 6.7 points.

To summarize Kantar’s report, Android has been rapidly gaining market shares in the smartphone market. While Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone has been losing the smartphone market shares.

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Below is Kantar’s report chart of smartphone OS sales shares:

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