KGI Analysis: Next gen iPhone 7 to be thin as iPod touch

Apple just recently announced the iPhone 6S along with iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro at the annual Apple event. Most of the rumors were came true and the new announcements met the expectations but there are more rumors about the iPhone but not the iPhone 6S but the next gen iPhone 7.

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According to the reports, Apple has got future plans for highly profitable smartphones market. Let’s have an assessment of Apple’s plans regarding next generation iPhone 7 after iPhone 6S. The expectations are high for further improvements in many fields that may change the smartphone at all.

We have reports from market analyst focused on Apple plans that suggest some nice developments beyond iPhone 6S. Though we already have a track of advancements up till now, current reports suggest even more. And the most noticeable change is sought to be evident externally on the device size.

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The next generation of iPhone 7 is due in 2016 with more slimness than the current ones and the newly launched iPhone 6S. The details reveal the iPhone 7, alleged name of next generation iPhone, will resemble iPod touch in thickness. With the suggested size of device, we may get the iPhone with remarkable build as current iPhone 6 6.9mm. Thus we can imagine the iPhone 7 with a body that will be at least lower than 6.9mm.

Other than the slimness in the body the iPhone 7 is expected to drag many features of the upcoming iPhone 6S. We may find the force Touch which is reported for next iPhone. Apple is also heard to keep many things unchanged as it has been Apple tradition in older generation iPhone. However the supplier is hopeful and reportedly much investment is made on next generation iPhone. Yet, these are a little info about Apple‘s future plans, more we will bring for you next time!

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