Koreans are excited with Samsung Galaxy Folder

Samsung official announced a flip handset, the Samsung Galaxy Folder, is expected to be launched in August, claims a report.

According to a report that Samsung has announced one of its flip handset, Samsung Galaxy Folder, only for Korean, it is also said that it is a variant of Galaxy Folder 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy Folder possess a primary camera of 8 megapixels which is definitely enough for capturing pictures of high resolution and its secondary camera is of 2 megapixels which is good for selfie lovers.

It owns a internal storage of 8 gigabyte along with option of microSD card slot in order to improve its capacity of internal memory and it also has a long lasting battery of 18,00 mAh. Its screen is of 3.8 inches whose resolution is undisclosed and it also uses an undefined version of Android, it is only expected that it might be Android Lollipop.

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It owns features of Wi-Fi GPS and LTE supporting cellular network. Samsung Galaxy Folder is in two colors which are White and Dark Blue. Samsung Galaxy Folder owns a keypad, but its screen is also of touch technology, it offers dual keypad facility for users.


Its price is just $250, but there are strong possibilities that Samsung Galaxy Folder will be only available to Korean markets, just few chances are there of its availability, whether to Worldwide markets or to few selected markets, yet there is no any official press release about its sale strategy. There are also reports that Samsung announced it Samsung Galaxy Folder right after the announcement of LG Gentle by LG which is also an Android handset.

Despite being available to only Korean markets, Samsung still expects a targeted sale of Samsung Galaxy Folder. After its launch the expectation of Samsung will be judged.

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