Discovery Health will provide you free Apple Watch (But there is a catch!)

Discovery Health, the largest health insurer of South Africa has announced to provide the US customers an opportunity to receive an Apple Watch for free. With the free Apple Watch, the Americans will be able to improve their health with certain health activities and will also get healthy options with discounts on products and insurance.

The initiative is taken by the Discovery Health under its Vitality program to reward it members who make healthier choices. In the states, the Vitality program is being run in cooperation with the John Hancock insurance firm. The free Apple Watch will be offered as a  reward that its members can get from making healthy choices.  Besides a free Apple Watch, the rewards under the Vitality program also include discounts on movie, airline tickets, travel bundles and insurance premiums.

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As per the details, the Discovery Health has already rewarded about 17,000 people with free Apple Watch in Africa where it has its Vitality program running for over 15-years. After making the great favor to the members in Africa, now the Vitality program moves to reward members in the USA.

apple watch

You may also be among the lucky members who will get a free Apple Watch buy just making healthy choices. The Apple timepiece itself gives you perfect fitness features to track you daily workouts, heart rate and number of calories that you have burned during your daily activates. Also while you are running, cycling or doing a similar activity the Apple Watch gives you the report in detail.

The Vitality program seems to be impressive but it is yet limited in the US for the employees of Amgen, DaVita HealthCare Partners, and Lockton. The theme of the Vitality program states that people will make healthier choices if they get rewarded. And Apple Watch will be an ideal reward to further the healthy program.

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