Leaked Windows 10 docs detail 512MB RAM limitations

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10‘s updates are initially announced to cover all customer ranges. But fresh leaks suggest that Microsoft has also decided some limitation and optimizations for the updates. For instance, its functions for the users with 512 MB of RAM are likely to be limited along with optimization of other services.

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The limitations for 512MB RAM devices show Microsoft’s preparations for high end devices which may get super performance with optimized features. Still, according to details the updates will mostly work on the devices with 512MB of RAM. Some of its key apps and features may not work with the lower RAM.

The few expected apps which will be subjected to the limitations, will go on background when not being used. Many apps will become dormant which you need to resume. Therefore, you may find a resuming screen quite often. The optimization is also reported for the memory intensive website. For instance, the website which takes more RAM are kept in memory while other running website will require reload for each time.

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There will also be relatively lower quality of HDR images, as compared with five 8MP images, the HDR on Windows 10 will give you only three 5 megapixels shots. Navigation services also consume more memory therefore the navigation apps are also subjected to limitations. The navigation app will also work normal even running in background.

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Skype and other VoIP apps also capture a big chunk of memory as they provide multiple services which run all the time. The Windows 10 updates will also limit the Skype and other such apps. This may hinder the normal functioning of the app if you switch to another app, putting it in background. You may require going for resuming screen again and again for the background apps.

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Windows 10 leaked document 1

Windows 10 leaked document

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