Lenovo to bring Motorola flagship with camera tricks in the summer

Lenovo announces to bring some of the models of the Moto brands whom they have contracted earlier. According to the news reports citing the Chief of Lenovo, the company has many models in development process while some are anticipated to get ready for a launch in summer. As the chief Admits Lenovo is now expected to bring not only much waited Moto smartphone but also some Moto watches which have been missing for some times.

You may be thinking about the details of the device and most of all, will it be taking the Moto brand or something else. Here we bring a hint for you which suggest a flagship Moto device which will be more than a smartphone for you.

According to some hints out for some days, Lenovo is focused much on the camera functions of the upcoming Moto smartphone to give its user something special on the camera. Similar details were already out by the Motorola chief earlier therefore the fresh hints seem to the point and we may really have the device with expected features.

The Moto X for this year or as anticipated the Moto X 2015 is going to be the smartphone filled with camera tricks. This may cross the last Moro X in both camera hardware and the camera app with additional features. For instance, the reports point out to features like auto scene detection quality results on even low light captures. These will surely be coupled with many other features in the summer.

Another recent advancement by Lenovo in the same field was the extra focus camera. Lenovo has included specialized shooter with 16 MP which gives super focus to its camera. This shows how the company is focused on not only improving the camera on its devices but also to make the camera as one of the key feature for the devices it brings.

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