Lenovo to launch new and Innovative ‘Moto’ in US by July

The upcoming Moto smartphones have recently been reported to launch this year with some exceptional features. Now a fresh report shows the next Moto smartphone arriving in the US market with more innovation and attractive looks. The next device in Moto lineup is also going to feature large display and fingerprint scanner.

Lenovo, after acquiring the Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, is reportedly looking forward to ditch the Motorola branding on its upcoming flagship devices. Lenovo is likely to replace the branding with either just Moto or Moto by Lenovo. The fresh report about the upcoming Moto device shows an expected launch for the US users in this summer.

This emerged following a report in Wall Street Journal citing comments by Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang. According to the report the Lenovo CEO, while talking about the growth opportunities in the emerging markets, revealed the plans with the upcoming Moto devices.

As the Lenovo CEO defines it, the next Moto smartphone by Lenovo will be a ‘more innovative, more attractive’ smartphone. The device will be launched in the US and will be available around July. The company is however likely to not change the Moto branding which is much famous than the Lenovo in the US market.

Motorola Lenovo Moto

Though a smartphone defined as to be innovative and attractive means a device with the most demanding things on board, but nothings is explained yet. The WSJ report is almost silent about details regarding Lenovo’s concept with upcoming Moto smartphone. However, taking into account the previous reports, the upcoming Moto device will be a large screen device with fingerprint scanner and other high-end features.

The recent Lenovo and Motorola experience with smartphones like Droid Turbo 2 was well-received with positive response. Furthering Motorola expertise Lenovo seems unwavering to make its place in the growing competition with its upcoming Moto smartphone in the US Market.

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