Lenovo’s crazy Magic View smartwatch concept

Smartwatch users love crazy styles and innovative concepts. As witnessed in most of the smartwatch models they are mostly amazing. Considering the customers’ choice, Lenovo this time brings its watch in a most crazy and impressive design. Lenovo terms the new crazy design as the Magic View. The Magic View remains the most interesting part of TechWorld event by Lenovo, held in Beijing.

The Lenovo’s Magic View concept combines the looks of a traditional smartwatch along with a secondary display. Lenovo also brings new and impressive ways of viewing pictures and videos on the smartwatches. The size featured by Lenovo is kept according to most of the famous smartwatches in the market. For instance, you may find Lenovo’s Magic View with a size similar to the G Watch Urbane LTE by LG. Apart from the size the watch face seems to be adopted from the Moto 360.

The old cut off portion is also present in the Magic View but the bezels are made very thin to give it a distinctive feel. Apart from a usual bulk size the looks and feels on the Magic Views are quite impressive.

You will find it not very distinct from other smartwatches in terms of its overall look but internally it keeps a different environment. Most of the samrtwatches run over Google’s usual Android Wear, but Lenovo claims to bring some differences with its concepts. You will find custom software by Lenovo which is however based on the same Android Wear OS but with its own additional concepts.

Apart from the Crazy style of the Magic View, the Virtual Interactive Display by Lenovo remained dominating at the TechWorld event. On the VID you will have a opaque display over a distance which can turn into a full size display when brought near your eyes. There are some apps along with the custom software by Lenovo that can make the VID very useful.

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