Video : LG/Audi introduces smartwatch running webOS

LG has not only the Android Wear smartwatches more than any other company it is also working on a webOS based smartwatch in collaboration with Audi. LG and Audi’s smartwatch is most attractive smartwatch at CES 2015 has quite a fascinating design.

The design of this watch is very much similar to the LG G Watch R, as it has the same circular display just as G Watch R. The minor dissimilarity between LG/ Audi watch and G Watch R is that LG/ Audi watch has a few extra buttons on the side and a different finish for the watch. The specs are likely the identical but here is software which is a change from the older one. The LG/ Audi watch is based on webOS and it looks quite a lot better than Android Wear.

The Watch is still officially nameless, by the way. But after seeing it in Las Vegas’s CES we can say that WebOS is a totally different software as compared to Android Wear and it is more rich and fascinating.

The device being shown in the CES is just a prototype with an early version of the software so we can expect that the final version will likely be more stable and will perform better. Hopefully, webOS on Android is a bit more efficient than Android. We can imagine future LG wearables will be running on WebOS.

The other important factor is the involvement of Audi in the wearable gadgets. While the two companies are in quite different businesses but this collaboration is very important for the positive progress of ‘Internet of things’. The other important factor can be the Audi’s interest in bringing innovation to its autos especially since a lot of have seen Google Self control car running on roads this Christmas. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.