LG G4 beats Galaxy S6, iPhone 6

While Samsung and Apple fight for top position, LG seems beating both by satisfying customers with its current LG G4. The G4 has scored more than the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 in a report based on the consumers response. The device however, is loaded with features and high end specs that logically make it an attractive device against the very high iPhone 6 and similar Galaxy S6.

According to the consumer report the LG G4 has scored 78 points out of 100 which is higher than the two top models in the market. The main points that led the users to vote for LG G4 are no doubt the high specs it features. For instance, the large display of 5.5’’ is made QHD which gives truly convincing results. While its camera is not only boasted up with 16megapixels but also is made optically stabilized and backed up with other camera features.

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The good news for LG also show that both the famed iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 fall far behind the LG G4 as both devices raked at fifth place jointly. Both of the flagships have their own customer following and also get to fight in their respective ranges. Against them the LG G4 brings not only features and specs but also brings the range respectively lower.

Apart from the combating specs, the LG G4 also features some unique set of features which are liked the most. For instance, the 5.5 inch display is brightening with IPS Quantum. While on its camera you will get laser assist focus alongside the color spectrum sensor.

Alongside internal features the device comes in stylish outlook with genuine leather back in colorful options. The smartness of the LG G4 internally and externally seems working as it successfully gets to the consumers.

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