LG G4 pre-orders begin on May 29 for US Cellular customers

LG G4 has cleared its way to the US market as following other carriers the US Cellular announced to start taking pre-orders from 29th of May. The announcement regarding the pre-order of LG’s flagship was made on the company’s social media accounts and official website.

The US Cellular also limited the announcement to pre-orders whiles the details regarding its shipping dates and prices are yet to be announced. But considering many other announcements made by other carriers in the US smartphone market, we can expect the shipping dates and prices by the US Cellular.

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The Sprint has issued 5th of June as the shipping date for LG’s latest flagship the G4. While it has set the retail prices for the LG G4 at $600 along with two years contract prices at $200. These prices are getting popular in the US market which makes it an expected date also by other carriers.

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Apart from the US Cellular and the Sprint, there are also some unofficial leads which suggest that release of the LG G4 by the T-Mobile. According to expectations the T-Mobiel may go for it on 2nd of June but the Verizon reported the date as 4th of June while the AT&T as 12th of June. Considering these dates for its shipment the US Cellular is also expected to begin its shipment alongside these dates as it falls according to the announced pre-order date.

  • The-LG-G4 specifications and review

The LG G4 is being considered as a nice flagship by LG as it comes with many upgrades from its earlier launch flagships. The device supports external storage along with replaceable battery and features a stylish look with its variety of leather made back plates.

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Along with these key points the LG G4 comes with an improved QHD display and a great 16 megapixel main camera. The high powered camera makes it a truly special phone. There are much more to explore in the LG G4 specs which we will keep updating to you.

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