LG G4 sets world record for most selfies

LG makes the best smartphones to make selfies and now one of its devices enlisted its name in Guinness World Records with great selfies. The hero for LG this time is the LG G4 which has recorded most number of selfies on a single device. According to the details the record for longest relay chain of selfies was listed in the world records using the LG G4.

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The event held in the Mexico City where the race begins to register most selfies. The selfies lover participated with a great enthusiasm as many individuals and many in groups arrives to not only register record but also to enjoy there selfie making hobby in a big event. According to the details from the event, around 746 consecutive selfies were taken using a single LG G4. This tops the earlier record that was of 531 selfies set last year.

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Around 2,500 participants took part in the record making event where the LG G4 took one selfies per ten seconds. During two hours of set time the G4 rocks the event with its record breaking 746 selfies. This is however not the limit as the company claimed that the device could make farther selfies as it had much juice lift. But the device could not extend it farther as there were no more people to make selfies.

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The LG G4 is actually the device made to set the record as it contains a front camera with 8 megapixels that is much powerful than the rear camera on many good smartphones. It also contains a wide angel lens that gives it a wide selfies making capability. Therefore LG gets the best on the best yet selfie camera. LG has also been active pursuing its users to captures selfies to get more room in the specific section of the smartphone market.

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