LG G4 touchscreen issue confirmed, users getting disappointed

LG G4 got a positive response in reviews on various forums but a fresh issue seems to effect this initial impression very badly. LG was expected to release the the best smartphone in 2015 but a very silly LG G4 touchscreen issue has surfaced that makes surely its user to think about the product quality. The bug is well discussed on different forums and here is a details about efforts of any solution.

The bug seems to effect taps and wipes on the touch screen of the LG G4 hampering the screen performance which is among the key aspects of the device. Though, initially the bug surfaces in its daily use but fears loom that the bug may damage the overall screen causing a blow to the impression of LG G4.

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As we mentioned the issue became a hot topic for the smartphone users on online forums, many also reported a still good performance of their devices. The issue until now seems to be limited to a relative population of the G4 users. Initial reports suggest about 60% of users reporting the issues while the rest is yet safe. Also the issue is not very generic, as about half of the complaining users are those who are using the device without a screen protector.

For the LG G4 users it is very simple to check their device for the bug. Therefore you can make it confirmed that you are among the many satisfied users of the LG G4. Here you can go to check your device.

First of all, there is the service menu to begin, for this you need to enter the code through you dial. Just go to dial and put the code 277634#*# and dial, this will open the service menu. Now go to Device test and after selecting Manual test you will get into the Touch Draw Test. Here you are with the touch zone and make sure to check your screen from all aspects thru touch, tap, slide and others.

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Source: XDA Develoers VIA Android Authority

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