LG G5 Specs leaked; Metal body, dual camera and much more to expect

For LG fans, it seems there are good news, in the smartphone world some leaked images show interesting features to expect on its upcoming device the LG G5. Fresh renders finally arrived revealing the first glimpse of the LG G5, suggesting its prototype with an alleged spec sheet. The device is suggested to be clothed in metal with some heavy features on board.


Though the leaked images are not detailed enough but we can get the things out of hints. The glimpse of the alleged LG G5 prototype comes out of the black case which seems intended to hide the real device inside. However the brief view of the device with a short description shows the LG G5 reflecting shinny looks with a full metal body.

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The external shinny outlook is visible through casing holes in the leaked pic but the description suggests about its hidden battery and internal powers too. According to the details the LG G5 may arrive with external storage card but non-removable battery. In many areas the LG G5 is expected to be an upgrade over the older LG G2.

The display size of the LG G5 is supposed to be 5.3inch with equally high pixel resolution. Prior to this leak we got some other rumors too, suggesting a 5.5inch or 5.6inch display size. Under the hood the devices is expected with Snapdragon 820 which comes to the star Qualcomm chipset in 2016. The device with upgraded Qualcomm chipset and 3GB RAM would be a nice addition to the LG portfolio.

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With metal body, large display and powerful processing unit LG G5 is also expected with powerful camera on both front and rear faces. The rear camera is suggested to be 16megapixel while on front face, the shooter for selfies is expected to be 8megapixel. We can spot the fingerprint scanner in leaked pic while the other key sensors are also expected.

Source: NxtPhone Via PhoneArena

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