LG G5: World’s Fastest Unboxing Video By T-mobile

T-Mobile likes to pull bizarre marketing stunts that make it more interesting than the other US carriers. A while back, the company launched an underwater unboxing video of Samsung Galaxy S7. The video was well received like most of these stunts are, and now T-Mobile has pulled a similar stunt for the LG G5.

With S7 underwater unboxing, there was a connection between the stunt and the smartphone. But the latest video, that feature’s the unboxing of LG G5 in a high speed, off-road ride, doesn’t have an apparent connection to the smartphone. Still, like most bizarre stunt videos, it is fun to watch.  The contents of the box are hilariously thrown everywhere as the race car speeds on a dirty road drifting and skidding. “The world’s fastest unboxing” video shows the LG G5 along with LG Friends like the external camera module, the 360 cameras and also the LG 360 VR headset. Currently, LG Friends only include these devices but LG is looking for developers for its LG Playgound and hopefully soon, more modules will be available. The smartphone is also the first one commercially available to feature a modular design. The LG G5 is priced at $630 and is set to release on April 1.

LG G5 box’s content include all the basic gear. The box contains the smartphone, a welcome guide, a wall adapter, a T-Mobile SIM and also a USB Type-C cable which can be used for both charging and syncing.
You can check out the hilariously fascinating video below…

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