LG G5 will have a mysterious bulky Magic Slot ?

LG G5 is no doubt one of the much anticipated devices on the list of upcoming flagships in the smartphone market. As reported, on the MWC 2016 and even a day before the event some of the finest devices are going to show off. The LG G5 stands among the key devices for this launch session besides the Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

The upcoming launch of LG G5 is well followed by the updated reports suggesting its varying features one by one. Some of such reports showed us some nice and inspiring looks on the front and back panel of the LG G5 a few days back. But the reports were silent about the sides and bottom-top views of the upcoming LG flagship. A fresh leak seems filling the gaps, showing us the bottom view of the LG G5, and there you can find the rumored Magic Slot.

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The Magic Slot on the bottom of LG G5 was discussed in earlier rumors besides the other key expected features. According to the limited details about the Magic Slot, it will be an expansion slot which enables the LG G5 users to connect different modules or slots to their phone. The Magic Slot expends the possibilities on the LG G5 where users can insert modules extended batteries or any other required accessory to expend the functionalities on their flagship device.


The LG G5 is already going to carry some powerful specs but for those users who want their devices doing beyond the usual level the Magic Slot opens various possibilities. Until the fresh real-life leaks showing the Magic Slot on a real device, the concept was just in sketches. The LG G5 in the fresh leak is all the same device reported earlier but with the addition of the Magic Slot. Hopefully the device will launch with the same concept on the event scheduled a couple of days ahead.

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Source: AndroidAuthority

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