LG Nexus 5 surfaces with large camera, fingerprint scanner

As rumors have been out there for past few days, the smartphone market is set to get 2 new Nexus smartphones this year. Yet unofficial but the details suggest the both of the devices will come through different vendors. Among these first one to be a LG made Nexus smartphone with 5.2 inches of display while the second one from Huawei with a phablet size 5.7 inch display.

Here are some fresh leaks about the upcoming Nexus devices which emerged thru some reliable sources. Pictures appeared with some details that are matching in both of devices. According to the details of the leaks both of the device will lend in the market with their key features remain same.

These mentioned features include dual speakers on front face with fingerprint scanner on the familiar place at back and the ruling Type C USB port. The same were displayed at the prototype of the Huawei version of Nexus that we discussed earlier. Thus with more details the concept is getting more ground and we may get the device with no big variation at all.

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Fresh details are however more about the LG version of the upcoming nexus duo. The 5.2 inch device will carry the tag of LG which is yet pronounced as Nexus 5 2015.  The renders we have here suggest that the device will arrive with slightly improvement in the sensor and LED flash. Also you can find an addition of flash that is supposed to be a infra-red beam for focus that will work with its camera.

The overall build show a thick device with a bigger camera that has protruded a little. The thickness is a little matter of concern but the final results could be better. Also it is sought to come with a metallic frame that may enhance the outer looks and feels.  Thus the details are too little we may need to wait some more leaks.

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