LG Nexus 5 tops on AnTuTu

We have seen many good devices which topped on the Benchmark website AnTuTu with their good performance. But this time the top on the AnTuTu is the device which at the moment exists in the rumors. The Nexus 5 which is yet to be unveiled set a score of 85,530 which is markedly high then the scores set by key smartphones.

The Benchmark site have listed the device on the base of its specs and expected performance over the given details. The score is magnificent as the leading smartphone of this year the Galaxy S6 which was at top, could not cross the score of 68,157. The performance benchmark is also great as compared with top scorers of last year that includes the Meizu MX4 and Nexus 6.

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As we mentioned the Nexus 5 is yet out of the scene but the high score at benchmark site shows the expected high features of the device. The scoring on the AnTuTu also suggests a confirmed status for Nexus 5 and we may receive some official insight into it soon. Among its other details of benchmark we can expect the device with a Snapdragon 820 SoC.

The rumors reported in February suggested that LG is working on two Nexus devices among those one was expected to arrive this year. However it was not clear if the device will be the Nexus 5 or any other device. The initial rumors also suggested that details that the device will not follow the concept of the LG G4.


The-Nexus-5-2015-scores-85530-on-AnTuTu (1)

The high score at the AnTuTu seems confirming at least the Snapdragon 820 which may make its appearance in the market with the Nexus 5. There are also some other devices in the pipeline with the Snapdragon 820 which may alter the scoring of the devices. After a good benchmark score the customer following will probably increase urging the company to hint out details sooner.

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