LG produces 3 times more screens for iPhone than its own

LG’s display business has been growing since it has started supplying display panels for the key device in the market including Apple iPhones. As Apple, the powerful high end customer of LG keeps growing in the sale of its amazing iPhones, the value of LG display increased vis-à-vis. This also increasing the contribution of the LG into Apple products. Fresh report has placed it on second spot among the display suppliers of Apple.

The report ranks the contribution of key display manufacturers of Apple iPhone in first quarter of this year. According to the reports the 34.5 percent of iPhone display panel are supplied by LG which is just below the 35.9 percent of the JDI Display which remains the top supplier. However these statistics put LG Display on second spot for iPhones but it also discloses that LG is producing for Apple three times more than its own devices.

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This makes LG more dependent on Apple as compared to JDI and other key display suppliers. According to the details 75 percent of the smartphone display production of LG goes to Apple while a short share is supplied to LG devices. It is about a quarter of LG’s over all smartphone display production after excluding the supply to Apple. But this remaining quarter don’t go completely to LG devices as the company also supplies display to many other devices from the remaining stock.

Though it show a little less consideration to the LG devices by its display departments but LG still show a good movement in the smartphone market with its devices. The company has listed its key device last year to compete for market share. Also the shipment of the LG devices lists the company among the big wigs of the market. The market statistics shows LG at the fifth spot where Samsung and Apple stood at 1st and 2nd spot respectively.

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