LG Releases Demo Video Of The LG G5 Powered By new UX 5.0 software

LG G5 UX 5.0

Smartphone manufacturers often include a touch of their own software and their signature style to the Google’s Android versions. You can notice that Samsung includes its very own TouchWiz to top with the Android, while, HTC pairs the Android with its Sense. Coming to our topic of the day, LG has its own version too, which is called as UX. The version 5.0 of the UX will soon be coming to the latest LG G5.

LG G5 is expected to make its market entry on Friday. With the device to smash the stores soon, the company has made a short clip of the upcoming flagship with UX 5.0.

The LG G5 comes with a new modular aspect called as ‘LG Friends’. The modules conveniently slid on and out of the device from the bottom. Apart from the known and the mentioned, LG Electronics has also prepared few different modules for the launch of the device. One of the modules includes camera grip for good point-and-shoot experience while the other module contains the capability of high-definition audio.

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LG G5 UX 5.0

We cannot be so sure if the new additions are significant for the company or not. LG is trying its best to make its device stand out and is trying different methods to make it known to the public. LG Electronics also organized a developer conference in the U.S. and homeland Korea in efforts to collect potential third-party Friends developers. Meanwhile, UX 5.0 is designed in such a way to ensure that all the modules included in the LG G5 work in a good way with perfect synchronization. And, this is why the new video clip has been made to demonstrate the potential of the new flagship paired with UX 5.0.

The LG Friends Manager has claimed itself to be a hub for syncing all the Friends activities of the device without any efforts. The video clip also shows some new software features of the device along with a good camera. Refreshed home screen with the mainstream LG UX is shown with a number of other functions and features. In the end of the clip, the LG Health, World Clock, LG Backup and Smart Doctor are also shown.

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The video representation by the company is just a sneak peek of the features of the upcoming LG G5 paired with UX 5.0. Check out the video clip below to end your thirst a bit for the upcoming LG flagship, LG G5.

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