LG to sell 10 million LG G4 sets, targets Samsung and Xiaomi!

We have seen some new smartphones at the MWC 2015 but among them we missed both LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4 the most. Samsung announced Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as expected and HTC came with the HTC One M9. Although Microsoft also announced new Lumia 640 and 640 XL, it is the Samsung Galaxy S6 especially the Galaxy S6 Edge which is getting too much but rightly attention and all thanks to the successful launch strategy of Samsung. But LG has yet not shown his cards yet and everyone is waiting for the upcoming LG G4 after the success of LG G3.

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LG G4 is expected to launch in coming April or May and LG has promised to launch a completely different device as compared to earlier LG G models and will offer better user experience, re-imagined design with cutting-edge latest technologies. LG recently launched its latest smart watch LG G Watch Urban the successor to LG G Watch R just before the Apple Watch launch and it got wide applause from the Android community.

The latest news about the LG G4 suggest that LG is planning a big promotional campaign in Korea, Europe and US with the target of selling 10 million LG G4 phones word wide. 10 million target is almost the double of LG G3, launched in May 2014 which was set to sold in between 6 to 7 million. According to the sources at LG, LG marketing team has finalized the details with different channels at MWC and got an overwhelming response for the upcoming LG G4 due to much better specifications.

LG is not only going to challenge the Samsung but also the new rising leader of the smartphones market in Asia i.e. Xiaomi. Sources claimed LG will hit hard on Xiaomi in the upcoming marketing campaign along with Samsung.

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LG-G4-concept- User Interface

Lg G 4 renders front side display


Lg G 4 renders front view

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