LG V10 battery life test score places it amongst shortest-lived big phones

The LG V10 comes with some heavy features that one could hardly find in any other device in the market. The aluminum slab comes with a secondary display operating on the top of the main display. Also with dual display there are two cameras on its front panel but the LG V10 battery life tests suggest it needs a more powerful battery.

lg-v10 has dual display

The LG V10 has been tested for its various features where most of the results put it on a good place. Especially with dual camera on front face its overall camera has been marked excellent. But this is not the case with its every part, as discussed earlier, the battery life score of LG V10 is not enough to use the cool features without charging it again and again more rapidly.

It is quite obvious with more features and heavy specs on your smartphone, an equally powerful battery is must. So the question is how strong should be the battery of the LG V10, the phablet size device with 5.7inch large screen, QHD resolution and Snapdragon 808 chipset comes with the 3,000 mAh battery.

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You may argue about the worthy LG V10 battery size but at least a 3,000mAh battery is not enough. But leaving theory aside, there is a practical test by PhoneArena that gauges the real capacity of the 3,000mAh battery on the LG V10.  And the results from the performance test are quite disappointing.

To check the battery powers, the LG V10 was placed against the recently launched large phones. And in order to get a comparative performance result, all phones were made to run under same conditions. On all devices brightness is set at 200 nits which is usually the comfortable level for indoor use. The display is kept on always on and the script was set on running until the battery dies. As the results show the LG V10’s battery dies within 5hour and 51minutes which proved quite disappointing against the iPhone 6s Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and Motorola Droid Maxx 2.

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LG V10 battery Life test
LG V10 battery Life test suggests it remains charged for lowest period of time.

According to the details of this LG V10 battery test, where V10 lasted for almost 6hours, Motorola Droid Maxx 2 remain charged for 11h and 33 mn, Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus for 9h 11m and Blackberry Priv remained charged for 7h 20 min. The only phone which remained charged for less time nearest to LG V10 was LG G4 which remained charged for 6h and 6m.

On the other hands, the goof news for LG V10 lovers is its recharging time. LG V10 recharged in almost an hour, actually 65m to be exact whereas iPhone 6S Plus performed poor in this area taking 3h to get charged completely. Whereas Galaxy Note 5 took 81m to get charged fully.

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LG V10 battery life test- reharges faster
On the other hand, LG V10 recharges faster than any other phablet in the competition.

While this LG V10 battery life test can disappoint you in first stage, you can not ignore the cool features of it which are not as common in other phablets. So if you are crazy enough for the wonderful display screens and camera outputs, you can still enjoy the LG V10 with an extra portable battery.

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