LG Wine Smart, an Android running flip phone will be launched globally in September

LG Wine Smart, a traditional flip phone like smartphone running Android will be launched globally in September, says LG Official.

According to LG officials, they have manufactured a smartphone, LG Wine Smart, which has traditional type of physical view where only internal features, means software aspect of the handset is extremely advance, in simpler words we can say that it is a combination of old traditional physical view and new smartphone OS the Android.

In old traditional physical view of LG Wine Smart, initially you can see its two portions which are divided into screen and physical keypad portions, where its screen of 3.2 inches along with 320×420 pixels resolution is visible at its first portion.

Users can get good images and videos by primary of LG Wine Smart which is of 3 megapixels, and it is made a bit more advance within its old traditional body, where users can enjoy taking selfie by its VGA secondary camera.

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The LG Wine Smart is powered by Snapdragon 210 processor of quad-core 1.1 GHz which gives it a demanded speed for its effective performance; it uses RAM of 1 gigabyte which is its assisting body for the sustenance of processing unit.

LG Wine Smart flip phone running on Android

The capacity of its internal storage is 4 gigabyte which is not much enough for storing data like music, video clips and apps of users choice, it supports LTE 4G network. It also owns a long lasting battery of 17,00 mAh which let the users to use the handset for long time.

It is said that the LG Wine Smart is a variant of LG Gentle which has been launched already in native place of LG. Smartphone Industry analysts say that there is no any strong reason for the manufacture of old traditional handset in the era of highly advanced smartphones.

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LG Wine Smart flip phone running on Android design

LG officials said that initially it will be available to few countries worldwide such as Poland, Kazakhstan, Japan, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain.

Officially LG did not tell its price, but the starting price will be $170 in South Korea. Despite being combo of traditional style and advance smartphone features, it will be very attractive among those who love to use such type of handset instead of using most advance type of smartphone.

The-LG-Wine-Smart specifications

Source: LG

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