Micro Bit: BBC’s tiny programmable computer delivered to students

Micro BitBBC has finally launched its Raspberry Pi like programmable computer named Micro Bit. BBC has rolled out million of these tiny computers for free to every child in year 7 (12 years old) across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Once the BBC’s Micro Bits are delivered to the kids, they will be able to use them throughout their remaining years in school. BBC is doing this as a part of its program to encourage children to learn code and be creative with technology.

The Micro Bit’s price hasn’t been announced yet. But it will be available to buy at a range of retailers soon. The Micro Bit’s hardware and most of its software will be open-sourced. BBC plans to use the money earned from commercial sales of Micro Bit to encourage even more people to learn code.

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The Micro Bit comes with 25 LEDs , an accelerometer, configurable buttons, Bluetooth, compass, and connections to hook up the sensors. All the equipments will help kids learn how to program the device.Micro Bit

BBC’s Micro Bit Programmable computer can also work with other similar devices like Arduino, Kano, and Raspberry Pi. The tiny computer can be used to build small gadgets like smart watches and fitness trackers. Samsung has launched an app that lets you use smartphones and tablets to program the Micro Bit. The app was launched at London education conference.

BBC’s state-backed program to deliver one million free Micro Bits to kids in the first year of high school was ambitious and the project, which was set to launch in September was initially delayed. The reason for the delay was power supply issue to the computers. But now that everything is sorted, and the Micro-bits are rolling out, hopefully, they will inspire students in the UK to learn more about programming and technology.Micro Bit

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