Microsoft announces Surface Pro 4 to beat MacBook Air

As expected, Microsoft on its media event today unveiled its package including the Surface Pro 4. The highly powered tablet comes beyond calculations. The elegant design, high specs and additional accessories place Surface Pro 4 at top. Microsoft claims the new Surface Pro 4 will break the limits and give you faster experience then the topers in the market. Let’s have a look into its very features to judge the company’s claims.

It seems that Microsoft has taken Apple much seriously, for tablets at least. It brought the Surface Pro 4 with really large size carrying 12.3inch display. No matter if it carries a slightest increase but it is going to claim it. This is compared with Apple iPad Pro and Galaxy Note Pro with 12.2inch display. With Gorilla Glass protection the display results seems good in resolution and pixel density.

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Surface-Pro-4 is much powerful than Macbook Air

Under the hood the Surface Pro 4 carries its real powers with the latest Intel Core M. With Intel’s latest generation chips the performance at various stages increases up to 50%. This will particularly be seen with 3D graphics and 4K video. In addition 16GB RAM and 1TB internal storage makes it a super device. Microsoft also promises powerful battery with 9 hours run time.

Surface Pro 4 was not allowed to go alone as Microsoft announces a number of accessories for it. In addition to all essential tools packed alongside the devices, you will get a stylish Surface Pen. The pen comes with one year battery life and improved procession. It is also colorful available in five colors. It’s new cover not only holds the pen but also carries a backlit keyboard. It is larger than the Surface Pro 3 and joins looks and function nicely. With immediate per order you can get the Surface Pro 4 by October 26 starting at $899, which is not a bad deal.

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