Microsoft Band 2 Firmware update now available

A new firmware update is rolling out right now for the Microsoft Band 2. The Band 2 is Microsoft‘s fitness and activity tracker wearable. The new firmware carries a unexemplary number 2.0.4829.0 26 R. The new update hasn’t brought a long list of new features to the Microsoft Band 2. Speculation suggests that the new firmware update is only to fix bugs and issues, namely the ones related to the new heart rate zone monitoring feature added with the last update.Microsoft Band 2-heart rate monitors

The last update made the Microsoft Band 2 perfect for those who enjoy aerobics. Aerobic exercises help get you by keeping your heart rate between 65% and 85% of maximum heart rate while exercising. The update made the Microsoft Band 2 screen turn orange to notify you that your heart rate is at 80% of maximum. When your heart rate is 90%, the band 2 turns red, indicating that you need to slow down and relax a little immediately because your heart rate is exceeding. The update also introduced a new ‘Explore’ tile. The tile allows bicyclists and hikers to record their own path, track their rate of ascent, and also receive warnings related to the weather.

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The Microsoft Band 2 comes with an optical heart sensor. The sensor is a combination of ten sensors packed into this one little wearable. This band isn’t very accurate when calculating heart rate, so attempting serious heart rate zone training with the Band isn’t really advisable, but alongside the nine other sensors, the band gives you a lot of information about your health and fitness. The band can track your heart rate throughout the day. It uses the recorded heart rate to calculate overall fitness, and track total calories burned. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the Health aspect of this Band and the recent firmware update shows that the company is constantly working to improve te accuracy and functionality of the monitor.

You can buy the official Microsoft Band 2 from any Microsoft store. The band’s original price is $ 249.99, but if you buy the band from any Microsoft store before July 9th, 2016 the band is available for just $174.99. The discount offer allows you to save $75.

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