Microsoft Band review

Microsoft Band is a fitness band made by the Microsoft and was released in October 2014. The Microsoft Band is the first the first device powered by Microsoft Health and has plenty of health and fitness features. The Microsoft Band helps you to achieve your daily fitness goals. The band has heart rate sensor and other fitness features like steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. The Band has much more than other fitness bands in terms of design as it has a conventional design.

• Design


The Microsoft Band has a conventional design with an odd fit, a part from a conventional design it is pretty much like the ordinary fitness wrist band. The Microsoft Band is available in three different sizes and all are adjsutable but you will not have color options as it is available only in a black color. Microsoft Band has the thermal plastic elastomer with it also has an adjustable fit clasp and the weight of the Microsoft Band is 60g. When it comes to fit on the wrist personally we are not very big fan of the Microsoft Band, it cannot make you feel very comfortable after wearing it on your wrist. The conventional design of the Microsoft Watch disallows it to fit comfortably on the wrist Simply the Microsoft Band is lack of ergonomic feel which you desire to have in a fitness band.


Microsoft Band-display

The Microsoft Band has 1.4 inches TFT (320 x 106 pixels) full color display screen. The diameter of the Band 11mm x 33mm is quite smaller in comparison with the curved 1.85 inches AMOLED screen of the Samsung Gear Fit. But the screen size should not be an issue as you don’t need to have a very large screen, because the fitness tracker does not show off any intensive graphics. I think the Microsoft Band’s screen is good enough to read every notification. After criticizing its screen size just keep in mind that not many fitness trackers even have screens. The Microsoft Band has far better display than the Fitbit Force, Surge and Razer’s Nabu which have simple OLED displays.

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• How To Track your heart rate


The optical heart rate monitor of the Microsoft Band detects minor fluctuations in your capillaries by using a light sensor. To track your heart rate the first thing you have to do is to turn on the heart rate monitor and for this you have to go to Me Tile to the right, and look for a heart symbol, if heart symbol is visible it means your heart rate monitor is turned on. But most of the time, when you are tracking a run, a workout, or your sleep, the heart rate monitor will automatically turn on. The heart rate monitor is located on the back of the clasp. There will be a green light when heart rate monitor is active. Now with a quick check on your Microsoft Band you will be able to view your current heart rate, by following these two steps.

1. Press the power button of your Microsoft Band.
2. Tap the Me Tile, and swipe left now your heart rate would be displayed.

The Band will remind you to tighten it up if you are wearing it loosely or in case of not wearing.
You can also view the stats about your heart rate of your daily activities by using the Microsoft Health app on your phone with these two steps.

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1. Just select an activity for example tap Steps or Sleep activity in the Microsoft Health app.
2. Just tap the chart, to see info about your heart rate.

• Tracking and fitness


The Microsoft Band is the first activity tracker which can be declare a better fitness trackere. The Microsoft Band to track your distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned and sleep. The Band has has GPS which tracks runs,it also features an 24-hour heart-rate sensor to monitor overall health of the user. You can track the length of your sleep When it is activated as the Band keeps tracking through the night to track the length and quality of your sleep. Now you will be able to See how often you wake, the length of light and restful sleep. Now with the Microsoft Band it has become so easy to achieve your fitness goals. The Microsoft Bands offers you to track your daily physical activity and review your workout stats with a single glance.

• Specifications and features

Microsoft Band connects to Bluetooth and USB2.0

The Microsoft Band has an thermoplastic elastomer with adjustable fit clasp, it has 1.4 inches (320 X 106) full colored display. In the fitness department the Microsoft Band has plenty of features to offer. It has a long list of fitness and health features which includes, Optical heart rate sensor, Gyrometer, 3-axis accelerometer, Skin temperature sensor, Galvanic skin response, Capacitive sensor, GPS, Ambient light sensor and UV sensor. The Microsoft watch is Compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 or newer, iOS 7.1 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and with Many Android phones. The Microsoft Band also has Microphone and Haptic vibration moto as an additional technology.

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• The Good

The biggest quality of the Microsoft Band is that it works with Android, iOS and Windows phones. The battery life of the band is pretty decent and it shows impressive notifications. The band has a long list of fitness and health features like it tracks heart rate of the whole day.


• The Bad

The Microsoft Band has surely the potential to become the best fitness tracker of modern days but the lack of apps is the biggest minus point for the Band. The Microsoft Health app needs to work more and it also needs few more apps. The Microsoft Band is not Not waterproof, these are few things which are missing in the Band but there is also a long list of its good things as well.

• Verdict

Microsoft Band along with

The Microsoft Band tried its best to make its first fitness tracker as an excellent fitness tracker and to be honest, the software giant has achieved its target but not entirely. The Microsoft Band has a cross-platform support but the lack of apps might be in way of its success. Although the Band is still one of the best available fitness band but its not quite up to Microsoft’s standard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.