Microsoft beats Apple and others in tablets competition in this October

While many brands saw a decline in tablet sales during recent times, Apple iPad continues to stay on top post in the market. Throughout market statistics for tablets show a remarkable sale for Apple’s latest tablet while others were surrounded by uncertainty. However among the competitors, it was only Microsoft that, although hardly, but at least managed to grab the top post for the month of October, pushing the Apple to second position.


Apart from the seasonal outstanding performance by Microsoft for most of the period Apple results have been impressive. During the hard years of the tablet market Apple managed to reach at the 95% market shares for once. But following the dynamics of the market by early performance, it seems like the iOS slates are losing the legacy to emerging Windows and Android flavored tablets.

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Overal market share of Apple is 34% compared to Microsoft 19% in 2015

Here we have a report from guys dealing statistics in the US market showing statistics from an insight panel. According to the report, the rise in the sale of tablets shows a highest share for Microsoft, higher from the market leader Apple, in the US market in October. Throughout the month, Microsoft has recorded a 45% rise in market shares while shares of Apple dropped by 17%. Amazon also recorded a 5% sale in the market but it still remains down to Apple.

Microsoft tablets are most expensive in the US market

In other reports shows Microsoft dealing into most expensive tablets in the US market. The average prices recorded shows about $844 which is quite high as compared with average price of $392 noted for Apple iPad. The key Microsoft tablets including the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and the hybrid Surface Book all carry a relatively high price tag. Though the details are impressive for Microsoft but this is about a single month. The yearly performance shows Apple still on the top with 34% market shares.

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