Microsoft begins sale of Lumia 535 in the US market

After many Nokia Lumia devices we got the Microsoft tag first time on the Lumia 535 an ultra selfie phone. The nice and budget smartphone is now available in the US market by Microsoft itself. Earlier the Microsoft tagged Lumia 535 was introduced for the US customers through some third party retailers. Now you can have it in the US directly by Microsoft.

It happened soon after taking over the Nokia mobile business that Microsoft announced to change the tags on its future device from Nokia to Microsoft. This was first witnessed in November 2014 with the launch of Microsoft Lumia 535 which unlike the earlier Lumia devices was without the Nokia brand name.

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Microsoft not only gave its tag to the Nokia-introduced Lumia devices but also its software expertise. It also brought the prices very convenient alongside a good hardware and software combination. While selling out the Lumia 535, Microsoft has announced smart prices and other offers.

Microsoft Lumia 535 also includes full features of its windows Phone OS. On the Windows Phone 8.1 you will get the prominent Microsoft services on you smartphone that includes the Cortana, Microsoft virtual assistance app, Skype, Microsoft Office and many other features. In future the Lumia 535 will also get the features of Windows 10 which is expected to be available for update this year. This will surely add up some features in the Lumia 535.

Internally Microsoft included a usual arrangement of hardware which keeps the Lumia 535 far away from the other high end devices. But its prices, hardware and performance join up to give you a complete Microsoft experience.
The Microsoft Lumia comes with a 5 inch size screen with resolution of 540×960 pixels. Being a low end smartphone it has a 220ppi pixel density which is very low. Internally there is a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, one GB of RAM and 8GB storage with expendable external support. It also features a minimal 5 megapixel of camera and 1905 mAh battery.

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