Microsoft brings more innovations to Cortana for ‘Special days’

microsoft cortana has more changes
While everyone getting into the business on this holiday season, Microsoft has brought its Cortana into display with an impressive package. Here we got a Cortana update that brings a new addition into its settings, entitled as ‘Special Days’. Inside the Special Day settings you can find special greetings, games, activities and much more for special holiday dates.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices and Android users are also set to get the updates at first place with complete holiday package. If you already have the Cortana running on your Windows Phone or Android device just open the app, go to settings and you will find the Special Days offer right there.

However, as Microsoft has already extended the scope of its virtual assistant to Apple devices, the offer may also remain open for iOS users too. The beta version of the Cortana viva Apple TestFlight is already out where we hope the offer too. A good time for Microsoft to entertain iOS users besides the Siri with its new holiday offers on Cortana.

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Cortana Special Day offers

Beside current offers for Cortana made available via the beta version on iOS, Microsoft is also reported to have a bigger plan to go ahead on Apple devices. According to reports the Microsoft team is focused to bring the iOS devices closer to Windows PC. The developments on Cortana may help to bring the large number of Apple users to Microsoft services.

Yet the progress with iOS app is not finished to get included on the open list however the arrival of the updates on for iPhones is very likely. Thus the availability of the Special Days updates is yet not clear for the iOS users. Right now users with Windows Phone and Android devices can get the updates to set up their devices to get greeting special days ahead.

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