Microsoft Cortana beat Siri to arrive for OS X

Apple is well known for the integration of its services which is also at the top Apple consideration with every new device. Following the same Apple is moving fast to integrate more and more services with each other. But for the Mac device the Siri still stands in the line as others are stepping much quickly.
Yes, the Apple virtual assistant app that was much promoted has not yet made available for the Mac computers. Meanwhile certain updates are out in the market that enables Microsoft version of virtual assistant to run on the Mac with other Microsoft PC functions. Now you can use the Cortana with a Microsoft experience on the Apple device.

This is made possible by the Parallels 11 update that not only makes the Apple Mac to run the Cortana but also other Windows apps. At the same time while experiencing the OS X as the primary operating system on the Mac all the Windows apps are available now to operate. The apps also include those from the latest Microsoft Windows 10 that also included the Cortana as its search assistant service. The features will eventually enhance the experience while using Apples own software.

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Cortana for Android

The Parallels is the facility that allows you to run the virtual environment on your operation system. Basically working like other virtual machine, the Parallels offers some useful futures that are now upgraded to the Parallels 11 for the particular services. This also doesn’t ask you to go for Boot Camp instead running the Apple OS you can run all the services.

With the Parallels 11 as mentioned you can run all Microsoft services in just a separate window. This is very handy for use without any complication which may boast the use of Microsoft apps specially the Cortana on the Apple Mac. We also hope this will push Apple to bring Siri for Mac sooner. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.