Microsoft Lumia 535 touch issues to fix on December 27

Lumia 535 is the first of Lumia smartphones which holds the tag of Microsoft. The change of brand name form Nokia Lumia to Microsoft along with mid-range specs and attractive features brought the Lumia 535 in limelight. However it disappointed its enthusiastic users with issues it encountered on many of its devices. But it is not too late, Microsoft has just announced the solution.

Microsoft Lumia 535, the mid-range smartphone attracted a good number of buyers specially the fresh smartphone users. But among its early buyers many got back soon with reports of bugs in its touchscreen. These issues, mostly reported by Vietnamese users are mostly regarding its poor response and the issues with its multi touch feature.
Many users were seen reporting that the touchscreen of their Lumia 535 either don’t detect the touch or respond in a wrong way. The later issue seems more weird as user touch on another point and finding the response on some other points, mostly at the bottom of its display.

Microsoft however shows a quick response by taking the issue into notice and also promising the solution. Now it has announced to make available the fixes on December 27. This announcement is made after Microsoft acknowledged that the Lumia 535 encounters high sensitivity of the touchscreen. It has just announced the firmware update as per its promise which may help it regaining customer’s confidence.

As Vietnamese Lumia 535 users made complain on Microsoft’s support page it has started assuring them to bring the update till the end of this month. Microsoft has also issued press release addressing the issue. Vietnamese users are set to receive the OTA updates from Microsoft on December 27 which will bring their Lumia 535 touchscreen back to normal. Many of the users in Vietnam are reported to receive the official Microsoft email confirming the update at the end of this week.
More information on this update is yet to come but the updates are expected not to limit to the Vietnamese customers. Lumia users in other areas who might have encountered the same issue are possibly to get the updates on the day or soon after the release.

Apart from these issues with touchscreen Microsoft Lumia 535 is a nice smartphone. With a 5-inch IPS display its runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. It has some powerful specifications and attractive 5-megapixels camera features on both its back and front, making it a perfect selfie taking phone. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.