Microsoft Lumia 640 ad features new Cortana features

Microsoft has finally launched its Lumia 640 in the US with all its nice features including the virtual voice assistant Cortana. With the launch of the device, Microsoft has also making its short ads viral that not just features the device and its functions but also are Cortana centered.

The 15 second ads of Microsoft Lumia 640 feature the usefulness of Cortana alongside introducing the new launch. The series of four ads presents features of Cortana and applies it in real life. One of the four ads shows the reminder feature of Cortana. The ad shows the moment of looking foolish, during a business deal, as you lack a good reminder like that of Cortana. The ad features a start-up entrepreneur trying to convince its possible investors. Here it nicely tells how a timely reminder, provided in Cortana, is important for you.

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Another ad expresses it a little more in 15 seconds. It shows a forgetful husband and then shows what happens when there is not Cortana to remind your love ones. And for a caring family kid’s birthday is probably an event one would never want to miss out anything about. Thus one of the ads shows it in its own way. It says that if you have the voice assistant Cortana with your Microsoft Lumia 640 you then have nothing to worry about your kid’s birthday. Cortana will makes sure that you have ordered a cake for the birthday party so that they don’t have to put candles and bow out on a ham, as featured in the ad. For instance, it says that if you have a birthday in your colander, Cortana will nudge you to pick up a birthday cake when you go past a bakery.

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In the last ad a weatherman is featured who arrives late at work because of lack of updates about the traffic. The effect of reaching office late for emergency services is quite understandable. Cortana says, she could have helped in such situation by updating about the traffic on the road which caused an emergency worker to rush in to work late. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.