Microsoft Lumia 640 XL at $199.99 for limited time

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL made its appearance in the US smartphone market with AT&T with relatively standard prices. Following the AT&T where it was available for $249.99 now the Expansys brings down the prices at $200.

Considering the specs and features of the large Lumia device the prices seems very attractive. You may point out the 1 GB RAM it contains but it is not less than standard after all. And also there is not any serious issue reported with its RAM memory.

The device performed perfectly with its listed specs as you may have experienced in almost of the Windows phones where even the low end device also give smooth performance. And will probably increase in its sale after such an attractive deal in the market where Microsoft has been struggling for some times.

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The Lumia 640 XL is truly an extra large device with its large 5.7 inch screen which is wide stretched and equally impressive. The resolution it offers on its display is 720×1280 pixels which is good in it but you may doubt the results of this resolution with an XL display. This is effectively supported by the pixel density it have for instance the 259 ppi will make it build good display results on the large display.

Internally you will find a usual windows phone device of the Microsoft Lumia line up. With the Snapdragon 400 and one GB of RAM the device will give you the promised performance of Lumia devices. The internal storage is kept usual at 8GB but you can expend it using a micro SD card.

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And finally considering the camera you will find it again large as competing with its large display. With its 13 megapixel camera and windows phone OS features the device gives you most of the Microsoft’s experience.

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