Microsoft Lumia 940 with desirable Windows 10

Microsoft, following the key smartphone manufacturers, also prepared to launch its version in the smartphone market for current year. After the announcement in May now fresh details suggest an update in the Microsoft’s plans. And we may see more than one Windows 10 flagships for this year.

There have been rumors for some times that Microsoft has two smartphones in production including, the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL. Some reports also included the Lumia 1030 among the list but now it seems cancelled. Microsoft has also made both of its Lumia 940 and the larger version the Lumia 940 XL with desirable specs and features. Both of the devices will face a tough competition as all of the key competitors are active there in the market in same period with powerful devices.

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The internal details of the Microsoft’s Lumia 940 show a powerful device with high specs. The display of the Lumia 940 is made in standard size at 5.2 inches which is not very large but for larger screen you can opt to the XL model. Both of the options of the Lumia 940 are brighten with 1080pixel resolution on Super AMOLED display.

The details so far suggest an extremely high camera on rear with a standard camera on front for selfies. On the rear camera it will carry 25 megapixels while a 5 megapixels camera you will find on front with triple LED flesh on rear lens.

The high specs are also copied internally where you can get powerful specs for a smoothly running Lumia. For instance, the Lumia 940 includes a Snapdragon 808 which is joined by 3 GB RAM. The storage capacity is also reported to be at peak as it offers up to 128GB. And finally the battery remains at the same level with powers up to 3250 mAh.

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