Microsoft Lumia 940 XL expected with iris scanner

The iris scanner feature on the Vivo X5 Pro is getting notable acceptance by other manufacturers including Microsoft which has planned to bring the feature in its Lumia 940 XL. The iris scanner on the front camera of Vivo X5 Pro enhanced the selfie capturing capabilities and consequently earned a good market attention.

Reports about the inclusion of the iris scanner in the Lumia devices were started emerging just a month earlier. The iris scanner feature also headed its way toward some mid-range smartphones including the TCL 3S which is equipped with the iris Scanner and available at an attractive price of $129. The earlier reports regarding the iris scanner in Lumia was linked with the expected launch of two high-end Lumia devices by Microsoft.

Until now the rumors and leaks have reported that Microsoft is working on its two new Lumia devices the Lumia 940 and 940 XL. Both of the high-end devices are sought with the codename of Lumia Talkman and Cityman. Among the two, the serial leaker source has circled the Lumia Cityman for the iris scanner. The evleaks has a good consistency providing the leaks and once again it is here to confirm the iris scanner on the Lumia Cityman.

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By unveiling the code names, the Lumia Cityman with the iris scanner is believed as the Lumia 940XL while its counterpart the Lumia Talkman is believed as the Lumia 940. Both devices holding the Microsoft branding have started creating a customer following in the market as the rumor mill starts unveiling their features.

Microsoft is struggling with its Windows phone as some fresh report suggests a disappointing sale. For instance, a recent report pointed out a loose of 21% in the sale of Windows phone on the base of market statistics from January to April this year. This lose in the first quarter of this year may be covered by both of the Microsoft Lumia device with appealing features.

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