Microsoft sells only 4.5 million Lumia phones in last quarter with 57% decline in sale

Microsoft is having a hard time in the smartphone market as its Q4 earning reveals a hefty 57% decline in Lumia devices sale. According to reports only 4.5 million Microsoft Lumia devices were sold in the last quarter. With the hefty decline in Lumia sale, the report however shows a 29% rise in Microsoft’s Surface related revenue.

Microsoft launched its much anticipated Windows 10 running Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL during the same quarter to help its depressed sale in the market. But as per the report, the Q4 was not a pretty time for Windows Phone at all. Comparing the digits with other competing devices, Microsoft’s devices are found standing far behind.

Despite the release of two anticipated devices the report shows the sale of Windows Phone handset in decline as compared with the sale in same quarter last year. The year-on-year sale of Windows Phone handsets declined 49% during three months. While for the entire Lumia family, the sale declined by 57% as compared with previous year.

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Against the depressed sale of Lumia devices, the report shows Microsoft’s surface devices growing in revenue generation as compared with previous years. According to the report Microsoft managed to generate $1.35 billion revenue with Surface devices in Q4. The revenue is about 29% up as compared with the Surface related revenue in Q4 2014.

Microsoft Surface Pro

During three months Microsoft recorded a strong sale with its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 which helped it beating Wall Street forecasts. Earlier it was estimated that Microsoft will generate maximum revenue of $25.26 billion. Against the expectations the company managed to take its revenue up to $25.7 billion.

The figures show slightly higher revenue against the forecasts but it is still down as compared with $26.14 billion revenue in same period last year. The report further shows Microsoft’s shares soaring to $54.25 with an increase by 4.22%

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