Microsoft releases Cortana for Android

About a month ago we came to know about the Microsoft’s plan to introduce Cortana for Android devices. But then the details were all from leaked reports and now we have the app officially out. Microsoft released the beta version of its voice assistance app i.e. Cortana for Android users after a successful experience in Windows Phone devices. The public beta is made available for general users to test Microsoft Cortana on Android.

Recently with the emergence of virtual assistant following Apple’s Siri experience the market has witnessed some nice advancements. Along with Apple, all the key players in the smartphone market stepped up their operations. Microsoft in this regard improved the Cortana not only for smartphones but also in the Windows 10 for PCs. Whereas Android was already had the facility of Google Now.

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The virtual assistant is made capable of doing almost basic operations on your device which you command. It allows you to set reminder, find contacts and search web and do the basic phone functions. Microsoft has also upgraded the Cortana for more quick and accurate response that is tested over the windows Phones.

cortana for android beta app is available to download

For the Android users Google also has its own virtual assistant the Google Now. Therefore, Microsoft has focused well on the features and performance of Google Now as its key competitor in Android world. The Cortana for Android is also made to be launched directly replacing the Google Now on your device.

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You can set is as your default virtual assistant app if you feel entertained by it. But there are some commands you can enjoy right now on the Android devices. Unlike the Hey Cortana command which launches the app on windows the Cortana doesn’t open directly. It will probably take some time and feedback from customers to better embed with Android ecosystem. Also we expect Google to have some advancement over the Google Now to keep it as the native and major virtual assistant on Androids. You can download Cortana for Android here.

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