Microsoft Releases Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview With Support for Android and iOS

Microsoft announced preview release of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015 with tools for developing apps that can run on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Linux platforms for developers at its Connect() developer conference in New York on Wednesday.


Microsoft has also released a full-featured version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (called Visual Studio Community 2013) free for developers, students and institutions that don’t develop enterprise applications. Microsoft says that it will open-source the .NET framework “Today, we are taking the next big step for the Microsoft developer platform, opening up access to .NET and Visual Studio to an even broader set of developers by beginning the process of open-sourcing the full .NET server core stack and introducing a new free and fully-featured edition of Visual Studio. At the same time, we are releasing previews of the next generation of Visual Studio, .NET and Visual Studio Online,” S.Somasegar, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft’s Developer Division.
The Preview release of Visual Studio 2015 is available for download.

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Microsoft and Xamarin

Another thing is Xamarin Platform that enables developers to build native applications within Visual Studio for every device using the productivity of .NET while leveraging all the power of the device. Microsoft will continue its partnership with Xamarin to enable a great experience for C# and F# developers doing cross-platform mobile apps development.
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