Microsoft Send app hits Google Play Store, now available for Android users

Windows and Android are getting closer as we find more apps from Microsoft with Android flavor. This time we have Microsoft Send app to add up into the list. The Send app which works on Windows like a casual mail now gets a completely changed feel. With the new interface now mailing will look like live chat on the Send.  Let’s have a detailed look into Microsoft’s new and integrated concept and how it works.

Microsoft seems doing its effort to join the mailing and texting into a single app. Thus addition and upgrades on the Send app are all directed to create a texting environment within mail app. But still many things seem missed when we compare with other text or chat apps. As it is basically a mail app, therefore you will find contacts from mail and office.

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You may find several things more relevant for mail than the chat features. But Microsoft has accommodated things by certain changes on the material design which support the chat feature within mail app. The material design on boot works to connect all office components and thus sync up contacts.

What you need is to log into office 360 and everything is set up for you. You will get your contact synced on the Send app page. Now you can open the app and get a chatting environment even on mails. Like instant massages your mails are shown in conversation boxes where you can type and send your message instantly.


It is also made to show you contacts and your engagement with them in categories. Therefore, you may not get all your emails right on the list. There are some other features which seem negotiated for the improvement of its IM like experience. The app yet needs improvements to completely reflect Microsoft’s new concept.

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