Microsoft testing Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft has almost finalized the Arrow Launcher which is announced to be in testing and will arrive soon for Android devices. The launcher brings many impressive features including a row of recently used apps on the top. It allows the Android users to set the apps which they use frequently while other apps will be set as per their usage by default.

The launcher is developed for ease of access to the frequently used apps and functions. It is also enhanced with impressive effects which you will notice while swiping on the home and app screen.

The swiping function is also set to assist the frequently used features. For instance right swipe will open the Reminders and Notes and offers you to manage your notes, make list of things to do and also set reminders to event. While the swipe to left will take you to your contact list. The contact list is also organized according to your recent use. Thus with a single swipe you will get to the features you mostly look for.

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Apart from the specific features assigned to the right and left swipe the upward swipe opens much more options. It primarily opens the options tab as you may have observed in mostly Android Launchers including the default launcher. Additionally the upward swipe takes you to dock shortcuts where you can set shortcuts for those features which are not assigned to Swipe and you may want to get their without going thru the app list.

Though the shortcuts and several handy tricks will take you to your particular location without going thru app list but still you will find the app list with the same level of accessibility. All your apps are posted in your app listed alphabetically and you can find the particular app by sliding thru your finger tip. You can download the APK here.

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