Microsoft to bring Lumia 650, the last 5-inch model

Following many highs and lows Microsoft is reportedly getting its 5-inch Lumia phones out of the Lumia family. But to mark a jubilant sendoff the company has planned to bring the last model. Thus we are set to get the last 5-inch Lumia device soon with some exceptional features and it will be named as Microsoft Lumia 650 according to the rumors.

This was made public via an independent source without any solid proof attached. However as we have seen tech developments are well followed by rumors and leaks. Thus taking it up from rumored tweet Microsoft Lumia 650 is going to be the last member among 5-inch models of the family.

According to the details with the same rumors the upcoming Lumia 650 which is code named as Saana will bring metallic edge. The source related the upcoming the would-be-last Lumia device with Lumia 640 but the later devices was without metallic edge there are chances of rejection of the rumors.

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Microsoft has already been busy in this season releasing two of its much waited Lumia devices. This was last month when we got the Lumia 950 and the giant Lumia 950 XL. Both devices were among high-enders featuring high powered specs and high prices too. Alongside the high-end due there was also the Lumia 550 launched with lower-end specs.
Thus following the launch of high-end duo with a low-end Lumia, Microsoft is now expected to add up a device in mid-range. Thus we can expect the upcoming Lumia 650 to arrive with mid-range details. However reducing other details, the display will surely be 5-inch.

As the Lumia 650 is related to the Lumia 640 and expected to copy much, here we can get an idea by considering the details of the later one. It was 5-inch with Snapdragon 400 SoC under the hood, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. However being the last Lumia device we expect Lumia 650 with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and a powerful chipset.

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