Microsoft to launch Four Nokia Lumia devices next week?

With only less than one week remaining in the start of MWC 2015, we know that Samsung and HTC are going to release Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 respectively. But we also know that Microsoft is also joining the MWC 2015. So what will Microsoft do there? Will they show some more details of HoloLens or yet another preview of Windows 10? No, we doubt that because it is a Mobile Conference not the ‘Microsoft conference’ and we have a lead which suggests Microsoft is going to release four new Lumia Phones at MWC 2015.

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We did not get the exact names for the new Microsoft/ Nokia Lumia devices but according to the Adduplex, which leaked the news, the first device will be RM-1031 which we can call Lumia 1031 with 4-inch display and 480×800 screen resolution. Other set is RM-1062 or Lumia 1062 with 5.7-inch display and 720 pixel density and will have multiple variants.

Next set which is expected to release is RM-1072 or Lumia 1072 with 5 inch display and 720p and the last will be RM-1099 or Lumia 1099 with 4-inch screen and 480×800 screen resolution.

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The bad news for the Nokia Lumia lovers is that no device mentioned above is the flagship device, which does not sound good. It’s been a while since Microsoft and Nokia launched the flagship device. We saw Microsoft Lumia 535, Lumia 532 in recent months but the wait for flagship device is long and long. Is Microsoft holding something to release with Windows 10? This is not confirmed yet but sooner they come with something the better.

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