Microsoft to launch Lumia 950 XL, Band 2, Surface 4 in October event

It has been a month that reports started revealing about Microsoft planning to launch key devices in the line. The expected event caught more eyes as it is set to bring Microsoft’s flagship for the season which has been missing for long time. For now we have two key devices on top of list including expected Lumia 950 and a larger Lumia 950 XL along with Microsoft Band 2 and Surface 4.

It was April 2014 when last time markets were introduced with a big device of Microsoft’s flagship lineup. Meanwhile the budget smartphones were the only face for the tech giant. But the certain exercises were rather sought as routine moves than a considerable move to make any difference.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Still many of the details about the expected devices remain unconfirmed. But Microsoft’s preparations for a big event are getting reported by various sources. According to fresh details Microsoft is going for its grand event in October where we will be able to see a number of nice devices.

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The list of devices to arrive this October includes the much awaited Lumia 950 and its larger variant along with Microsoft’s refreshed Surface Pro 4. With smartphone and tablet the event is also expected to see Microsoft’s wearable the Brand 2 and a variety of Xbox One.

The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are though sought as essential devices on the event but some report suggest some more devices. According to reports three other Lumia devices are also included in the list of devices for launch.

These details are so high without any confirmation therefore some more details may give us a stronger insight. We may see a shuffle into the device list but still it is time to see any considerable device by Microsoft. Also as other competitors are set to announce their device in the same period so Microsoft is going to have a tough time ahead.

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