Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Update ready to hit by the month end

Back in October Microsoft was expected to release Windows 10 Mobile update before New Year begins, but now it seems delayed. However you may not miss the new Windows Mobile OS for too long as fresh hints suggest the update by the mid of this month.

Windows 10 Mobile Update

This emerged following two separate reports from Vodafone Australia and Movistar Spain. The Vodafone Australia report revealed that it is expecting bits of new Microsoft’s Mobile OS to test by the mid of this month. While the Movistar Spain reported to make the Windows 10 Mobile update by the end of the month.

Following the reports by Vodafone Australia and Movistar Spain, it looks like Microsoft finally hints at early release of the Windows 10 Mobile update. On the official Lumia Support handle Microsoft revealed that the update will arrive ‘soon.’ This reinforces the reports from both Vodafone and Movistar.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Update

Putting together the carriers’ expectations and the hints by Microsoft twitter handle the update seems ready but the release date seems not confirmed yet. If Vodafone is going to get Windows 10 Mobile update, for test, by middle of this month then the final release may happen early next month.

The Windows 10 Mobile update is good but seems limited as many of the aspiring devices may not fulfill minimum requirements. As per the details on the Lumia Support page, only devices with 8GB of higher internal storage can receive the update.

Also the Windows 10 Mobile brings some advanced features which require equivalent hardware that are not present on majority of aspirant phones. Thus before getting on the line make sure that your device is fully equipped to run the Windows 10 Mobile.

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To get Windows 10 Mobile update you phone must be running the Lumia Denim version 8.1.14219.341. You can check the current version on your device before looking for update. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.