Microsoft’s How-Old website turns into Windows Phone app

Microsoft’s website provides nice and interesting service where you can get find your age and gender by uploading your picture. Now an app is created for Windows Phones, following the same concept from the How-old service. Now you can have the fun on your Windows Phone as well.

The How-Old website was created by Microsoft using the Azure service. It was created to introduce the features of Azure services and show developers a fast and easy way to build applications. The app uses the face detection capability and guess the age and gender of the picture which you have uploaded.

Microsoft has pushed the concept from its website to a windows app. The Microsoft How-Old free windows app is now made available on the Windows Phone Store. You can test the nice features on your Microsoft windows phone by downloading and it will probably give you more accurate results than the website version.

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Its features seem working accurately specially in getting the gender. But unlike detecting the gender of the picture it receives, the detection of age yet needs much improvement. You may find some shocking results while trying to find out your age on the Microsoft How Old. a service by microsoft

It is funny and quite embarrassing for many if the Microsoft How Old tells a person in its 25 that you are 45 years old. Some of us may be really serious regarding their age therefore Microsoft must consider accuracy as soon as possible.

It seems to be an interesting addition in the Microsoft’s apps store. You can make a lot of fun movements using its many features. Microsoft also says that while you are free to upload your picture it does not keep your uploaded picture. It also gave option to share the results on your Weibo and WeChat account or send it to a friend or your own email.

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