Microsoft’s Lumia records remarkable sale in Asian markets

Microsoft has not being recording a good response from the US market in recent times but on the other hand the attraction for its Lumia devices is getting boast in Asia. The emerging Asian smartphone markets have been the key place for the smartphone makers to record high profit. Asian Smartphone market has also been very friendly for new comers and those who are facing tough time in the high end markets, like Microsoft in the US.

The statistics from Pakistan elaborates this phenomenon very clearly as the Lumia devices registered a 3 fold increase sale in the first quarter of this year with respect to last year’s sale. With the Microsoft Lumia 535 as the leading device the Microsoft Lumia pushed the Windows phone running devices on the second spot right behind the Apple iOS devices.

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The Lumia phones are also meant to push the Windows phone OS in the market and they are witnessed doing the job well in Pakistan. Though Lumia phones hold a good track record in Pakistani market their triple sale volume is interesting regarding the future of not only Lumia but other Windows Phone devices. This will surely held Microsoft to farther the Widows Phone Ecosystem as announced by the company to be the prime goal.

As the remarkable increase in the sale of Lumia devices is not only bound to Pakistan the North African regions recorded double sale. And same was followed by other nearby markets all recording a considerable increase in a short time.

Pakistani market also expressed more leaning toward lesser prices Lumia devices as the devices ranging from $100 to $150 ranges scored the most of the sale. This seems to be good news for the upcoming dual SIM device the Lumia 430 which is likely to adopt affordable prices. The old Nokia with Windows OS and Microsoft tag seems proving them in lower range market and may restore in the key markets.

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